Presentation and commitment

Presentation and commitment

I am a 12-year Civil Litigation/Trial Attorney with a demonstrated history of good work and success. I currently have my own practice, founded after having work as intern, junior lawyer, associate, “Of Counsel” and partner with some law firms over the past years.

I spent 7 years working for two of Spanish and worldwide biggest lawfirms. The first, Garrigues -Madrid branch-, where I spent three years, and Herbert Smith Freehills -8th biggest lawfirm in the world- taking on cases from their inception through trial/arbitration (and everything in-between).

Before founding my own solo practice, DLVLB, I have also trained myself as co-founding partner with my former boss in Garrigues, Dr. de Elizalde Ibarbia, for four years, period of time in which we both worked as of counsels for commercial litigation matters with former vicepresident of the Spanish Constitutional Court, Senior Judge Mr. Rodríguez-Arribas. After some hard-working years, I made it to partner -the youngest in its history- to one of the most renowned boutiques for complex litigation and arbitration in Spain, Díez-Picazo SLP, whose managing director, chair professor Mr. Ignacio Diez-Picazo Giménez, was my boss in Herbert Smith Freehills, where he was head of the Dispute resolution practice (former Linklaters’ -Madrid branch-). I had the privilege to work closely with him in some of the major civil litigation cases that took place in the country during that time.

All this experience, clients, cases and colleagues are things to be immensely proud of – and I am, also grateful for the deep learning experience-, but I am aware of that they are not any guarantee for my client’s success in the present. All of it amounts to nothing if there is not daily hard work and commitment. My colleagues would describe me as a very hard worker, loyal, discreet, smart, a good lawyer, and not afraid to take on any task that could ensure the success of my clients and/or colleagues. I have been fortunate enough to have a diverse practice and to work with strong firms and colleagues that have high work-standards and take a variety of legal cases all over the spectrum of civil and commercial litigation, many of which present challenging and novel legal concepts that must be mastered for success.

My specialty is complex subject matter -both factually and legally wise- civil and commercial litigation, and I pride myself on being able to quickly get up-to-date through my strong research skills on any subject matter that is presented and proceed from there to use my litigation skills to successfully prosecute and/or defend the legal matter. I do not do mass litigation and do not accept cases I do not master. Keeping the docket controlled ensures the maximum possible quality and time-to-spend for my clients’ problems when the complex cases emerge. If your problem is not my specialty, do not hesitate to meet with me, I will help you to decide, very fast, what’s the best option for your problem and I will recommend you an excellent colleague or team to help you out.

I try to learn as much as I can. That is why I combine working cases with teaching (the best way for learning). I teach in English continuously since 2015, both Comparative International Litigation and Spanish Litigation in two of the major universities in Spain: IE University and Complutense of Madrid, with more than 120 students per year- and I am preparing a PhD in the field of the private enforcement of data protection and digital rights. I have been awarded annually with four academic excellence diplomas by my students in the past four years. I believe that by teaching I learn how to advocate better, and by advocating I improve my teaching. I am thankful to the students and the colleagues that stimulate me every day to get out of the comfort zone and keep up to date.

By founding my own solo practice -with a new brand that collects all the family tradition that I receive and embrace- I commit myself to serve my clients -present and future- to the fullest of my capabilities, knowledge and experience acquired since I started preparing to exercise as an attorney.